Is Spending on English Speaking Courses Worth It?

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Communication is the key! On our foreign visits, we all want to sound like native speakers but often hesitate to speak English due to a lack of confidence and skill. For the people who want to get a job there to make money, this could be a severe issue. It is a fact; “English is now the dominant language and is the official language in 53 countries.

Several other options are available to learn the English language, like watching Hollywood movies, watching youtube tutors, and listening to podcasts. But believe me, you will never be able to speak good English until you start speaking it.


In universities or workplaces, people always tend to judge you even if you make a minor grammatical mistake. Now, what do you have to do in this situation? Well, the solution is to enroll yourself in “English speaking courses“. In the world of scammers, finding an authentic online learning institute takes a lot of work due to the overwhelming number of options. To furnish you with our wide range of services we are available in Lahore So, here’s why you should consider joining us;

Why Victoria College’s Spoken English Course?

  • Partner with the British council: We at Victoria Ielts college are a proud platinum-plus partner with the British Council and enjoy a premium membership status with AEO.
  • Top 4th IELTS test centerTo analyze the ability of English speakers, we are proudly announcing that we are now conducting the IELTS test with the approval of the official IELTS center.
  • Time to completeYou don’t have to wait years and years just to speak English fluently. Our immersive teaching style through experienced experts is proven to be the quickest way to learn and speak English. Our 6 weeks course will enable you to speak English fluently and confidently.
  • Unique methodLike all other courses that just throw tons of information on you and didn’t ensure you are getting it or not. Our workshop-style learning method encourages students to produce and practice what they have learned. Clear and direct instructions will make you learn the contextual use of grammar along with acquiring new vocabulary.
  • Flexible scheduleThe anxiety about class timing gets even worse when you have a busy schedule. You can’t leave your job to learn English or as a student can’t take off daily. By considering your problems we offer flexible schedules for everyone; Mon-Fri (9 am-9 pm)
  • The most affordable option in PakistanWe Start with an economical fee of just Rs 20,000. We believe everyone has the right to talk confidently and convey their message.
  • No Prerequisites requiredIf you are not familiar with the English language or you are a beginner and afraid of joining English spoken institutes because of their requirements? Chill out! We don’t require your prior knowledge but if you have any then it will be icing on the cake.
  • Certificate of completionTo enhance your resume we additionally give certification of completion. It will definitely benefit you for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to learn the English language quickly. How it is possible?2023-02-07T08:50:27+00:00

Quality things take time in life. If you are imagining that after enrolling in the course you’ll be proficient. Believe me, you’ll not. In learning, especially a language you need a lot of practice. The best way to learn is to remain consistent and follow all the instructions provided by our experts. Moreover, don’t forget to practice what you have learned the same day

What are the job opportunities for me after learning English?2023-02-07T08:50:35+00:00

All across the world, including Pakistan, several highest paid job opportunities are available like telemarketing and customer sales representative job descriptions without any limitation of education. Don’t forget foreign jobs plus all the degree holders out there, can enhance your resume and interview skills, to be more proficient in your own profession

Why should I learn English? Shouldn’t we prefer our language?2023-02-07T08:50:42+00:00

This is the most common statement I always listen. But we have to understand the fact that English is an International language. No doubt your regional language is also important but consider the reality that 85% of job interviews are held in the English language in our own country Pakistan. So, if you want to succeed, come and join our legacy today!

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